How I Developed a Daily Meditation Habit

The benefits of meditation are beyond dispute. It provides mental clarity, an improvement of focus, and may even help to lower blood pressure. I became determined to practice daily meditation in order to improve wellness on many levels. How I developed a meditation habit may offer you some insight as you create a beneficial practice … [Read more…]

Too Early for Halloween

Alright. I always try to keep it positive on the blog. I like to talk about my adventures. Trying new things. That sort of thing. But I’m sorry, I just need to rant for a second. Today, I saw Halloween decorations outside at the grocery store. It’s July 30th. It’s already freaking me out that … [Read more…]

Trying New Things: Ziplining

So last Sunday, I went ziplining on a whim. Just for the hell of it. By myself. Now this is not something I would ordinarily do, but I’ve made a commitment to trying new things and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. And I’m so glad I did. It was frickin’ awesome. It took … [Read more…]