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Dear Alumni:

Spencer High School is an institution with over seventy-nine years of pride and history. An institution is an organization established to promote a cause. The original cause and establishment of Spencer High School was to fully educate the poor, the destitute and disenfranchised. Seventy-nine years later, Spencer High School has returned full circle to itís original cause. Educating the poor, the destitute, and the disenfranchised is yet again Spencerís charge.

As a community we know we have to work together on this issue. However, as Spencerians, there MUST be a higher calling. As Spencerians there MUST be a greater responsibility to the original cause of this institution. All Spencerians MUST make sure our students have the love, mentorship, guidance, great teachers, great coaches, and great facilities to achieve. When future graduates emerge from William H. Spencer High School, they will be prepared, just as you have been, to fully access the bounty of this wonderful world. Spencerians, this is your institution and this is your charge. Please support Spencer High School financially and emotionally.

Finally, I look forward to meeting you all. It is my pleasure to serve you. You are loved and welcomed every day on the campus of William Henry Spencer High School! We need your support! Always remember to get involved, stay in touch, and be a part of the Mighty, Mighty Greenwave.

Reginald J. Griffin
Proud Principal