How I Developed a Daily Meditation Habit

The benefits of meditation are beyond dispute. It provides mental clarity, an improvement of focus, and may even help to lower blood pressure. I became determined to practice daily meditation in order to improve wellness on many levels. How I developed a meditation habit may offer you some insight as you create a beneficial practice of your own.

Setting Aside Time for Meditation

The first step to establishing a habit of meditation is to set aside a specific time for practice. There are many benefits to meditating at the same time each day. Perhaps the most important one is that your mind and body soon become accustomed to this sacred practice. Both mind and body will let you know when it is time to meditate, and that will discourage you from missing a session.

It can be difficult in this busy world to take just ten or fifteen minutes for what you may think is a selfish reason. The truth is that meditation is self-care, and you deserve those precious minutes. Additionally, becoming a better person benefits everyone around you in addition to yourself.

My choice was to meditate first thing in the morning. You will find that your mind is much quieter when you awaken. Postpone that first cup of coffee until your have completed your meditative work.

Realize There is No Definitive Way to Meditate

The way that you choose to meditate is entirely up to you. You will discover that there are many mediation programs to chose from. All of them are valid. The right program is the one that works for you.

Forcing yourself to adhere to a rigid philosophy that leaves you cold will not help build the meditation habit. Instead, it will discourage you and make you want to quit. I know friends that simply light a few candles and sit quietly for a few moments. Others choose to engage in walking meditations. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Don’t Force a Spiritual Experience

Mediation conveys an aura of spirituality, and rightfully so. The problem is that some people enter the practice expecting a supernatural experience. The reality is that successful meditation often works on a subconscious level where transformation is not observed by the human eye.

If you continue in your habit of meditation, spiritual awakening is sure to follow. Don’t force it. If you expect too much in the early stages of your practice, the work will become like a chore.

Baby steps are critical when you are developing your own daily meditation habit. Stick with it and soon you will see the fruits of your labors.