Too Early for Halloween

Alright. I always try to keep it positive on the blog. I like to talk about my adventures. Trying new things. That sort of thing. But I’m sorry, I just need to rant for a second.

Today, I saw Halloween decorations outside at the grocery store. It’s July 30th.

It’s already freaking me out that the back to school stuff goes up almost immediately after the 4th of July, but now you’re trying to push me into October when it’s not even August?

Now, this may just sound like I’m irritated about something I saw at the store,┬ábut it got me thinking on a deeper level. Why is everyone always trying to push us into the future? Why can’t we just be in the present?

So this blog post today is just to remind you to do just that: stay in the present moment. There is no time like the now!